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Learn to Sail Programs for Kids, Adults, & Families!
Lake Champlain
Colchester, Vermont

Email: info@sailkids.com

A Two Day Overnight Sailing Adventure!

Spend two days and one night aboard a 31' yacht exploring the beautiful islands, private coves, and pristine bays of Lake Champlain! You'll learn how to sail, navigate, plot courses, and much more!

Champ Chaser Sailing Adventures Include:

  • Two Days and One Night Living Aboard a 31' Yacht
  • Island Exploration
  • Boat Handling and Learn-to-Sail on a JY 15
  • Swimming and Hiking
  • Wind Direction, Navigation, Astronomy
  • Intro to Racing
  • And Much More!

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    Champ Chaser Sailing Adventures start at only $109.00 per person! Click HERE for info

  • Learn to Sail Programs
    Sailing Lessons for Kids, Adults, and Families!

    We offer learn-to-sail programs for adults and kids. Learn
    to sail with your friends on a yacht or learn small boat skills on a JY 15 dinghy. US Sailing certified instructors use proven instructional techniques that allow you to gain the confidence and skills required to sail any small boat. How can americans trust companies who do pay day loans online business? How to find direct lender?

    You'll learn:

  • Boating Safety
  • Rigging
  • Boat Handling
  • Points of Sail
  • Wind Direction
  • Intro to Racing
  • And Much More!

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